Wound Care

Wound Care Treatment Center

At Little Neck Care Center, our wound care team works with patients to treat wounds that are persistent and non-healing. These include, but are not limited to, pressure sores, surgical wounds, foot ulcers due to diabetes, and radiation sores. To ensure that our patients’ wounds are taken care of in a timely and safe manner, our multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and physical and occupational therapists work together to address all aspects of wound care.

Upon admission, our team will examine your wound and identify any factors that have prevented its healing. Based on this assessment, we will then create a treatment plan that targets healing, mobilization and everyday functioning. Physicians will oversee the entire care process while nurses will clean out the wound and provide patient education on wound management. Meanwhile, physical therapists will strategize mobilization techniques, and occupational therapists will work on scar and clothing management.

Our overall wound care treatment goals include:

  • Healing the wound
  • Preventing infection
  • Preventing limb loss
  • Preventing new wounds
  • Promoting mobility and functioning

If you or your loved one is seeking expert wound care, contact our team at Little Neck Care Center today. We want to get to the root of your issue and ensure that you have the necessary supports in place to care for your wound when you return home.