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Stroke Rehabilitation & Recovery

Stroke Rehabilitation & Recovery Center

One of the most effective routes to recovering from a stroke is to participate in a stroke rehabilitation program. Here at Little Neck Care Center, we recognize the importance of immediacy in beginning rehabilitation, and we want to make sure your loved one is equipped with the necessary supports to regain skills and prevent further stroke complications.

Our stroke rehabilitation services are provided on an inpatient basis, whereby patients typically stay in our facility for a few weeks to participate in intensive daily rehabilitation. More immediate priorities of our program include providing medical stabilization, preventing future strokes from occurring, and limiting complications related to the stroke. Long-term goals include, but are not limited to, improving muscle strength and coordination, regaining memory abilities, and reestablishing speech skills. It is important to remember that the recovery process looks different for everyone and depends on factors such as how severe the stroke is and how early rehabilitation is initiated.

Based on the recovery needs of patients, our stroke rehabilitation program includes the following components:

  • Physical activities
  • Technology-assisted physical activities
  • Cognitive activities
  • Emotion-processing activities

To learn more about our inpatient stroke rehabilitation program, reach out to our team at Little Neck Care Center today. Stroke recovery may seem like a long, daunting process, but we will be with you and your loved one each step of the way to ensure the best recovery outcomes possible.